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Chamber Programs

Chamber Bucks Gift Certificate Program


What are Chamber Bucks?

Chamber Bucks are a Gift Certificate program brought to you by the DeForest Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce to encourage supporting local businesses which strengthens our economy, community, and business growth.

How do Chamber Bucks work?

The certificates are processed as a check, that are given to the business to use for product or services. The Chamber member business reserves the right to refund any difference in cost either as cash back or as in-store credit.

Chamber Bucks can be used in a variety of ways including holiday gifts, employee awards or bonus incentives, raffle prizes, thank you gifts (for teachers/coaches), birthdays and retirement gifts, just about any special occasion!

Chamber Bucks can only be obtained by contacting the Chamber Office. They need to be purchased for in cash or check for face value.

Why Buy Chamber Bucks?

The Chamber encourages the effort to shop and support local Chamber member businesses in our community.

Chamber Bucks are accepted at grocery and retail stores, many restaurants and gas stations, dental and chiropractic clinics, salons, and health clubs!

A complete listing of all Chamber businesses can be found at

and in our annual Chamber Community Guide.


Thank you for supporting the DeForest Windsor Area Chamber businesses by shopping, dining, and enjoying services locally!


Chamber Office is Open Monday thru Friday from

9am to 4pm

321 N. Main Street, Suite 300,

DeForest, WI 53532