• Dear Chamber Members!

                  In an effort to drive our community members to shop local, your Chamber has put together a discount key card program that will roll out within the next two months, and we need you to join us to make this a success. The more participation we have in the program the better value for the cards which means more people might purchase them.

                 These cards were designed with you in mind, and we hope to generate extra income for you. You can find more details about the program below, or contact us for more information. 

                 ***Click here for DETAILS***

  • About Us

  • Established March of 1963 by David Lund, the DeForest area Chamber of Commerce was originally incorporated as the DeForest Development Corporation.  Lead by Rosella Kruse, in April of 1969 the DeForest Development Corporation became the DeForest Chamber of Commerce.  It remained the DeForest Chamber of Commerce until August of 1982 when the name was changed to the DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce.

    For over 52 years the DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce organization has advocated, educated and promoted local businesses and organizations.  It is the mission of the Chamber to provide pro-active leadership to advance a positive business environment and foster economic growth through community identity, involvement and membership participation.

    With over 225 members the chamber promotes the economic and community development in the communities of DeForest, Windsor, Burke, Leeds and Vienna.

    Located just 10 minutes north of Madison, the DeForest area is experiencing continuous residential and business growth, making our area one of the fastest-growing regions in Dane County.  Our close proximity to 3 interstate highways, 3 major state highways, Dane County Regional Airport, state capitol, UW Madison and several top hospitals make our location an easy destination for everyone.

    If you would like more information on the DeForest Area, please feel free to contact us at info@deforestarea.com or call 608-846-2922.